That man (1)

That man with the short legs that lives at the end of the road is always flying around at high speed, confusing people’s arrangements. He’s been ordered down from the sky many times but he just doesn’t listen. Once the police said they’d clip his wings if he didn’t heed their calls. But instead of heeding their calls he simply took to flying at night. I saw him last week when I was dusting the night time tulips, and I’m sure he had a small cat, or it might have been a large rat, hanging out of his mouth. I’m not sure if he ate it.


The Parasite

What it did was it flew down and landed on his head.

But it didn’t stop there.

It burrowed through his skull, snuggling deep down into his brain.

After some time it took control of his thoughts and actions.

People began to find him more agreeable, he became successful and grew rich, and he lived happily ever after.


Ghost People (100)

“Ghost people walk the Earth,” he boomed.

“Really?” I asked.

“Turn yourself 120 degrees and you will see the expired proof,” he said.

I turned but saw nothing.

“Why would you assume your rotation be clockwise? Try the other way, sir.”

I did; but still there was nothing.
And when I turned back to question the man with the white face, wearing the dusty shirt, plain shoes and the vacant smile, he had disappeared; leaving in his place a small china doll.

Stooping to collect his gift, a shiver ran down my spine.

Adieu, adieu. I have seen the light.