He’s a cross between a yeti and a robot, and he stands an impressive three meters from the ground.

He isn’t the easiest to describe.

But if you imagine an angular yeti walking with long thick arms pointing forward and a very square space robot-style head up at the top, then you aren’t too far off.

His hands are made of a series of giant spiky triangles. he uses these to eliminate his enemies.

I think he’s got x-ray vision or laser eyes or something because I’ve seen red lines coming out of his helmet. But I don’t really know.

He lives in a metallic cave in the middle of the snow desert and he doesn’t understand too much about the ships the zoom around in the sky above his head.

being the dominant life form in his section, I suppose he doesn’t really need to.

He is powerful and you wouldn’t want to encounter him without back up but his life is devoid of meaningful purpose.

And he longs for something more.