Character assassination: unfinished portrait

His face resembled an unfinished portrait: as if the artist had lost interest half way through. A weak chin sat beneath unremarkable pink lips, the uppermost of which supported a collection of dark hairs that may one day develop into what would be a moustache. The nose, perhaps the most noteworthy feature on his fa├žade, was larger than the average and boasted a slight hook as it progressed. His eyes were small and the brows above them were not dissimilar from the hairs positioned above his lip. He was outwardly unremarkable. But in his briefcase he carried the secrets of the universe...


Character assassination: Soledad

Soledad was the most beautiful girl in the world. With dark eyes, immaculate olive skin and flowing brown locks cascading down her back, she attracted admiring glances and goodwill wherever she went. She was, however, deeply unsatisfied with her lot. She longed for a life of anonymity and to experience the meaningful human interaction she knew existed but her programmers had failed to deliver. 



Autumn is the most nostalgic season; for me anyway. Each year, when I notice the leaves falling and the prominence of the rusty red and browns, it reminds me of cherished memories from times gone by. Things like kicking leaves on the way home from school and wearing woollen jumpers or the day a man gave me a one thousand pound note and seeing that woman with the really long arm…