A thank you letter (2)

Dear Aunty June,
My mum said I had to send you a letter to say thanks for the [xxxxxxxxxx].
It was really great when I opened the gift on Xmas day + saw what you’d got me – I was so happy about it. Next year, though, or maybe for when my birthday comes round (May 15th), perhaps you could reassign some of your expenditures slightly. 
You always put your presents in such expensive wrapping papers, and you put those bows and a ribbon round it too. And the gift bags. I suggest you don’t bother with all that and add whatever the saving would be (let’s say approx 5-10Euros) on to the quality of the gift itself. No gives a  cares about the extras. Just like with people, I like to think that, with gifts, it’s what’s inside that counts.
Thanks again, see you at Grandma's annual winter bbq on the 5th.
Rikh (age 8)
PS: It’s also really wasteful. People in some counties don’t even have Xmas.