Snowman: 'sno joke

When I was little, I built a snowman in my front garden.
He was great, twice as tall as me. I was so proud.
He had a big green hat, which went perfectly with dad’s old green scarf (cashmere, naturally).
I used three pieces of coal, to give the impression he had buttons down his front.
More coal was used to create the illusion of eyes and a mouth.
And I stuck a Clementine into the middle of his face for a nose.
Then, that night, he came to life, dragged me from my bed and flew me off to some awful snowman land.
It was terrifying.

Psymun, aged 41


New Year's Resolutions

1. Find a new hobby
Definitely stop: 2. clambering around; 3. making dust pictures and;  4. insect experiments. (I’ve come to realise that these things aren’t ok no more)
5. Quit jogging
6. Stop slouching
7. Bake fewer cakes – replace with increased bun baking activity
8. ?
9. Contribute more to things like community + society / people     
10. Just stop it.
by Psymon, aged 7