The tower: a tall tale

The stone steps she climbs loop round and round and round without end. Each day she imagines finally reaching the top but is destined to trudge on without reward while ever she acquiesces to do so...


short story long: road

I remember it as if it were yesterday: a beautiful bright morning in October, anti-cyclonic in fact. Birds were hopping about among the rusty leaves, with only the earliest of risers fortunate enough to see them at play. I was making my way down towards the office when, amid the hustle and bustle and buses, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, something rather unusual. The sight quite stopped me in my tracks. “What on earth was she doing here?” I thought. And I gave chase, eventually catching up with her some way further down on the other side of the street. Slightly breathlessly, I shouted down towards her, “Why ever did you do that?” To which the chicken responded “Simply, sir, to gain access to the other side of the street.”