A boring story detailing what I did when I got out of bed and some other things too

I woke when my phone started vibrating and making sounds.
It went off at 7.30.
But I enjoyed ten minutes’ worth of Senior Snooze.
So I got out of bed at just after 7:40. I think it was 7:42, actually.
Next it was time for a shower, which went: shampoo (Brilliant Brunette), conditioner (not sure), shower gel (Radox’s Watermint and Sea Minerals), and then face wash (supermarket own brand).
I then brushed my teeth with a toothbrush and some white toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, which I have.
I dried my body with a light blue towel measuring 1.3 metres by 75 centimetres, which I then placed into my washing basket. Light blue is, in fact, my favourite colour.
I should probably have hung it (the towel) up to dry before putting it in the washing basket cos I don’t want all the other items in my basket going damp while they wait to be washed in my washing machine.
Hopefully no ill will come of that.
I then got dressed: pants, then socks, followed by shirt, trousers, tie, and jacket.
Breakfast was coffees.
It was then time to leave the house because I was due at the inaugural meeting of the Intergalactic Heroes Gang at precisely 100.2, Standard Space Time (SST).