Victorian House intro

In many ways it was a typical Victorian House.

Grey tiled steps led up to a pleasing pillar-box red door, framed by two thick white pillars. An ornate Lion’s head sat proudly at the door’s centre and an oversized welcome mat made of fake brindle-coloured horsehair was positioned beneath.

Exerting the minimal effort required to push open the door revealed a long corridor: all exposed wood, coat stands and dusty pictures. It led straight to the thin staircase that snaked its way round each of the house’s three and a half floors.

But if you opted to take any of the five doors positioned along the corridor you would find yourself in the living room, the study, the kitchen, the dining room or in the utility room that offered access to the expansive carpet of garden to the building’s rear.

The first door off the corridor led directly into the living room. Its huge bay window, which seemed to suck in sunlight from outside, flooded the space with a pleasing golden glow and its high ceiling and grand fireplace added further to what should have been a beautiful room. But something wasn't quite right.