Bangus, the sausage dog

(excerpt from a project)

Sausage dogs aren’t usually made of sausage meat. But Bangus, one of nature’s more unusual creations, is a dog and he is made of sausage. So it makes him kind of unique.

No one knows where Bangus came from, or what his life entailed before he turned up at our door around two years ago, standing on a huge pile of mash potatoes. And, since he is unable to speak, these mysteries are unlikely to be solved any time soon.

As a result of his meat-based make-up he has a rather strange life, as you might expect. He struggles to make friends with the other dogs he meets in the park when we take him for walks. He confuses even the best natured of his canine compatriots and several of them have had a nibble at his rear end over the years.

As a result Bangus tends to keep himself to himself. Which is a shame really, because when you get to know him he really is one of the sweetest animals you could ever hope to meet.

If you can spare the time try tossing him a stick or two; he’d be only too happy to collect it and bring it straight back to you. And his tail wouldn’t stop wagging. Not even once.